SHA Program at the 2012 AAA Meetings

The 2012 Program Chair and President-Elect, Billie Jean Isbell, and many members of SHA have mounted a full program for the AAA meetings in San Francisco.  The highlights are listed below, and the full program will appear by clicking on the following link:

SHA Awards Ceremony is Friday evening 8-9:15 pm.  Learn who won the Turner, Ethnographic Writing and Poetry prizes for 2012 (4-1185)

SHA Invited Sessions
8-9:45 am  “Literary Ethnography: Anthropology that Breaks Borders and Breaks Your Heart,” Elizabeth L. Krause, Melisa (Misha) S. Sahnmann-Taylor organizers (3-0010)

8-11:45 am  “The Ethnographer’s Craft: Works Inspired by Ruth Behar I,” Vanessa J. Díaz Erica Lehrer, Ellen E. Moodie, Ruth Behar and Renato Rosaldo organizers (4-0165)

SHA Sponsored Sessions
2-5:45 pm  “Sensing the Political: Materiality, Aesthetics, and Embodiment,” Frances E. Mascia-Lees, M. Nell Quest, Yael Navaro-Yashin, and Alex Hilton
organizers (2-0475)

4-5:45 pm  “Ethnography of Imaginary Cultures: Storied Innovations,” Roger Ivar Lohmann, and Rena Lederman organizers (2-0580)

4-5:45 pm  “Crossing Borders with Miles Richardson: Teacher, Scholar Poet, Provocateur,” Helen A. Regis, Matt Samson, and James Peacock organizers (2-0590)

10:15-12:00 pm  “Aesthetics and Advocacy” (3-0435)

10:15-12:00 pm  “The Restless Anthropologist: Crossing Borders to New Fieldsites,” Virginia R. Dominguez, Alma Gottlieb, and Paul Stoler organizers (3-0300)

1:45-3:30 pm  “Species of Non-Said: Linguistic and Other Tricks to Live, Feel and Know the Ineffable,” Bernard Bate, Marko Aivkovic, and James W. Fernandez organizers (3-0700)

SHA Special Events
8-9:15 pm  “A Conversation with Writer, Rebecca Solnit, and Anthropologists Brian Palmer, Yana Stainova and Andrew Buckser,” hosted by Billie Jean Isbell (3-1125)

6:15-7:30 pm  “Secret Conspiracy of Hope: A Multimedia Show” with Brian Palmer, and Billie Jean Isbell (4-1025)

SHA Workshops
9-11:OO am  “Getting an Article Published in a Peer-Reviewed Journal” with Michael Harkin and Geroge Fitspatrick Mentore (3-0245) registration required

3-5:00 pm  “SHA Poerty Workshop” with Renato I. Rosaldo (4-0845) registration required

1-3:00 pm  “Writing Ethnography” with Alma Gottlieb and Phillip Graham (5-0630) registration required

3-5:00 pm  “Crafting Narrative Ethnography” with Julia Offen (5-0905) (registration required)

SHA Round Tables
12-1:45 pm  “Music, Art, Narrative and Fiction” with Sadiah Nynke Boonstra (2-0215)

SHA Writer’s Group
8-9:15 pm  James M. Taggart and Renato I. Rosaldo (3-1120)

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