Past Winners of Student Writing Awards

2021Graduate 1stJamie DavidsonGenerating Intensities
2021Graduate 2nd (tie)Cody BlackAnalog Optimism: Newtro Listening, Vinyl Duration, and Poetics of Becoming in Neoliberal South Korea
2021Graduate 2nd (tie)Nancy ChuEmpathy in the Field: Anthropology and the Vulnerable Observer
2021Graduate 3rdWes BrunsonOn Healing the Malinowskian Split: An Address to Learned Society
2021Undergraduate 1stJamie O’BrienThis is What I Know: Lasting Effects of Basque Conflict Across Generations and Oceans
2021Undergraduate 2ndUyen DangBeing With: Place, Memory, Silence in Young Saigon
2021Undergraduate 3rdStuart Ahn-SonesGod Alone is the Cure: The Affective Resonance of Online Self-Ruqya Healing
2021Undergraduate Honorable MentionDaniel KrugmanVisions of Solidarity: Social Change, Power, and Worlds Beyond Refuge
2020GraduateShozab RazaThe Making of a Revolutionary: Theorizing Mystical Marxism in Rural Pakistan
2020UndergraduateCaleb SabatkaLiterary Anthropology and an Anthropology of Writers as … Anthropologists
2020Honorable Mention (ug)Adele WoodmanseeFamilies and Agriculture in San Miguel del Valle, Oaxaca, Mexico
2010GraduateGregory MitchellFraming the End(s) of Queer Anthropology
2009GraduatePearl ChanEntangled Engagements: Identity, Community Action, and Anthropological Practice
2009UndergraduateShad Stroh“Please My Friend, Do Not Work Hard’: Driving Taxi in Vancouver
2009Honorable Mention (grad)Hisako OmoriEcstatic Catholicism and the Global Cult of Mary
2008GraduateCarrie Little HerschWho’s Afraid of the Religious Right? Anthropological Issues in the Study of Religion and Politics
2008UndergraduateClaire-Marie HefnerConversion and Longing: Autonomy and Gendered Cultural Expectations in Indonesia
2007GraduateMara BuchbinderIt’s either one pain or another pain’: Social distress and somatic disruption in family chronic pain narratives
2006GraduateJennifer StampeMixed Messages at the Museum: Representation, Transformation, Incommensurability
2006UndergraduateMike ComoNegotiating Language and Power: Passive Responsibility as Social Action among Bilingual Salvadoran Immigrants in Suburban Long Island
2005GraduateMarcy Brink-DananThe Semiotics of Secrecy:  Silence, Intimacy, and Irony in Istanbul
2005UndergraduateChristopher HaganPractice Makes Perfect:  Doing Ethnography in Two St. Louis Buddhist Communities
2004GraduateErica LehrerIn Praise of ‘Passing’: Vicarious Jewish Identity in Post-Holocaust, Post-Communist Poland
2004UndergraduateSara GarberAn Oral History of American Jewish Culture: Immigration and Assimilation

*Note: contest was not run all years, and all prizes were not awarded in every contest year.