Creative Ethnographic Prose Competition

Every year, the Society for Humanistic Anthropology holds a writing contest for creative ethnographic prose writing. The Creative Ethnographic Prose Competition (formerly the Ethnographic Fiction and Creative Nonfiction Competition) celebrates the capacity of story to engage readers and explore anthropological concerns.

Whether fiction or nonfiction in content, narrative or non-narrative in structure, these creative prose pieces reflect insights about the real world seen through an anthropological lens or reflecting an anthropological sensibility. Successful works generally have concrete vivid details, a clear focus, and a consistent authorial voice.

Eligible works are a maximum of 20 pages (approx. 5,000 words), and eligible authors are affiliated with the field(s) or practice of anthropology and/or ethnography in some manner.

Refer to the summer issues of Anthropology and Humanism for examples of some of our excellent previous winning pieces.

Deadline for submission to this contest is in late spring / early summer (note: 2021 deadline is June 1). Please see the Call for Submissions page for information on this year’s contest.