Journal: Anthropology and Humanism

Anthropology and Humanism, the journal of the Society for Humanistic Anthropology, is the voice of humanistic and post-humanistic inquiry in anthropology and related fields.

We accept submissions from scholars/creative writers who concern themselves with the central question of anthropology: what is it to be human?

Knowing that such a question must be addressed both holistically and by the entire discipline, Anthropology and Humanism welcomes submissions from all major fields of anthropology as well as from writers in the humanities, the arts, as well as the sciences. The journal welcomes voices that speak outside of and from the edges and interstices of disciplines.

Whether working with life histories or demographics, poetics or nutrition, excavations or ethnography, artistic expression or scientific writing, this journal strives to maintain a focus on the human actors themselves. We value writing that delights, writing that outrages, writing that evokes the human condition in all its messiness, glory, and misery, writing that reveals the social blockages that are deleterious to our social and physical environment and is able to promote cross-cultural understanding.

To this end, Anthropology and Humanism publishes work in a variety of genres, including fiction and creative nonfiction, poetry, drama, and photo essays, as well as scholarly articles and reviews. All genres of submission undergo rigorous peer review. The journal publishes semi-annually, with issues appearing in July and December.

For inquiries, contact the current editor(s) whose information can be found in the most recent issue of the journal using the link below.

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