Past Winners

20231st PrizeMargaret BuchacDon’t Stick Your Head Above the Wheat Field
2023Honorable MentionCory-Alice Andre-JohnsonHunger
2023Honorable MentionAzaria Brownin the days that follow
20221st PrizeAmrapali MaitraThe Most Beloved Cow in Gokulpur
20222nd PrizeAaron HamesForgetting
20223rd PrizePetra RethmannThe Election
20211st PrizeLisa ArensenProvince of Thieves
20212nd PrizeErika Robb LarkinsWorking for Nico
20213rd PrizeLaura MeekAzizi
20213rd PrizePage McCleanCrossing a River Without a Horse
2021Honorable MentionNina Toft DjanegaraIllegible
2021Honorable MentionSusan WardellWalking memories
20201st PrizeKyrstin Mallon AndrewsAy Vieja
20202nd PrizeOlivia GuntarikMichael Jackson in Borneo
20203rd PrizeMaureen PritchardWhatever Happened to Shaman Sasha?
20191st PrizeMiriam Jerotich Kilimo Rebirth 
20192nd PrizeSowparnika Balaswaminathan The Outsiders 
20193rd PrizeLaura S. Grillo The Boiling Cauldron 
2019Honorable MentionGemma Louise WilliamsWe’re All Strangers Here
2019Honorable MentionSteven Gonzalez Silicon Fox
2019Honorable MentionTaylor HazanEthnography of a Stone 
20181st PrizeAnnalisa BolinA Ghost Map of Kigali
20182nd Prize Helle Bundgaard Much Ado about a Ladies Bicycle
2018Honorable MentionJesse ChengWhy This Killer Should Live
2018Honorable MentionXenia CherkaevSt. Xenia and the Gleaners of Leningrad
2018Honorable MentionRima PraspaliauskieneLenin
20171st PrizeElisabeth YarbakhshCall
20172nd PrizeCaitrin LynchA Portrait of Judy Garrity 
20173rd PrizeBrynn ChampneyOn a Hill With No Name
2017Honorable MentionKristen GhodseeMarket Economics
20161st PrizeKatrina Daly ThompsonSecrets of a Swahili Marriage
20162nd PrizeAlexandra Vieux FrankelWaiting for Firat
20163rd PrizeXenia A. CherkaevHow grades had been gotten for Penguins and Money
2015WinnerHunter Liguore Court of Last Resort 
2015Honorable MentionDannah Dennis Fifty-Three Kilos 
2014WinnerCaitlin BairdRain
2014Honorable MentionKesia AlexandraThe Street Will Never Love You Like I Do
2013WinnerKim HuynhThe Professional
2013Honorable MentionGlenn Harvey ShepardThe Eye of the Needle
2012WinnerThararat ChareonsonthichaiThe Fragrance of the Classical Past
2012Honorable MentionCynthia Keppley MahmoodHow Jesse Became a Revolutionary
2011WinnerKristen GhodseeTito Trivia
2010WinnerJohn Colman WoodLife Damages You
2009co-WinnerJohn Colman WoodCold Patience
2009co-WinnerLaura  BiagiThe Cure
2008co-WinnerMichael AgrosinoThe Shrine
2008co-WinnerDon MitchellHave You Seen Wanawo?
2008Honorable MentionJessica FalconeCholi Ke Peeche
2007WinnerRoxanne VarziMashti
2006Co-WinnerMichelle BellinoAll the Nice Restaurants
2006Co-WinnerSally BelleroseFrenchie’s Girls
2005WinnerMarisabel AlmerHan Transcurrido Los Años…
2005Honorable MentionTamar Diana WilsonLa Presidente
2004co-WinnerRachel NewcombGifts
2004co-WinnerTiffany HamburgerOn the Origin of Extinction
2004Honorable MentionJames CanonThe Day the Men Disappeared
2000WinnerAyala EmmettGoing to America Under the Jacaranda Tree
2000Honorable MentionMaura HanrahanCaboto 500
1998WinnerDon MitchellJohn Brown’s Body
1998Honorable MentionEugene MendonsaBlood on the Tractor
1997WinnerNancy LindisfarneThe Tortoise
1997Honorable MentionPaul JohnsonThe Knife
1996WinnerSimone Isadora FlynnA Feast of Mangoes
1996Honorable MentionBruce T. GrindalIs There a Light in My Eyes?
1995WinnerPaul HeinrichThe Informant
1995Honorable MentionC. SpringwaterThe Stories of Red Clay: Man of the Mesa
1995Honorable MentionLinda WilliamsonCircle of White
1994WinnerLoretta OrionThe Siberian Shaman’s Dress
1994Honorable MentionKirin NarayanCome Out And Serve
1993Co-WinnerKate AltorkWorking Norman’s Birthday
1993Co-WinnerMaria Nieves ZedenoSaint versus the Hummingbird
1990WinnerSusan Scott-StevensThe Djinn Tree
1990Honorable MentionGrant A. OlsonThe Switchmaster
1989WinnerMichael HittmanA Pair of Aces and One Deuce
1989Honorable MentionMartha B. KendallThe Nature of the Evidence
19881st PrizeErnest SchuskyKorean Exodus
19882nd PrizeYesim TernarChristians on the Beach
1988Honorable MentionCatherine CallaghanEcket
1986WinnerBarbara TedlockKeeping the Breath Nearby
1986Honorable MentionSarah WaldorfThe Pig Men

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