Officers and Board Members

Helena Wulff & Erik Aasland at 2019 AAAs (photo credit Jerome Crowder)

Society for Humanistic Anthropology Officers and Board Members (2021)

Executive Council

President                       Lauren Miller Griffith
President Elect             Erik Aasland
Treasurer                       Julia Offen
Secretary                       Tamara Kohn

Board Members

  •                                     Andrea Conger
  •                                     Whitney Duncan
  •                                     Rose Wellman
  •                                     Ather Zia
  •                                     Joe Valente
  •                                     Taylor Hazan
  •                                     Celia Emmelhainz
  •                                     Gemma Williams
  •                                     Petra Rethman
  •                                     Ruth Toulson

Ex-Officio Members

Past President                 Helena Wulff

Journal Editor-in-Chief

  •                                     Katrina Daly Thompson

Anthro News Editor

  •                                      Rose Wellman

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