SHA events at the AAA


Please celebrate with us good writing and good ethnography in the best humanistic tradition by attending the SHA Awards Ceremony at the annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association in Montreal on Friday November 18, 2011, from 19:45-21:00 (Session 4-1370). We shall present the winners of the 2011 Victor Turner Prize and the Ethnographic Fiction and Poetry prizes, who will read excerpts from their work. We warmly invite you to read from your own work during the open mike portion of the ceremony.

Also at the AAA meetings in Montreal are six SHA workshops, two SHA invited session, and eleven sponsored sessions.



Wednesday November 16;

“Writing Ethnography: Experimenting on Paper, Experimenting Online” (Sophia Balakian, Alma Gottlieb and Kirin Narayan) from 12 to 1:45 (Session 2-0115)

Thursday November 17

“Writing Articles for Publication” (George Fitzpatrick Mentore and Justin R. Shaffner) from 8 to 10:00 AM (Session 3-0205)

“How to Turn Your Dissertation into a Book (James M. Taggart and Alma Gottlieb) from 1 to 3:00 Pm (session 3-0620)

Saturday November 18

“On Writing Poetry” (Renato Rosaldo) from 1 to 3:00 PM, (Session 5-0545)

“Writing Fiction and Non-Fiction” (Billie Jean Isbell and Catherine J. Allen) from 3:30-5:30 (session 5-0855)

“A Writer’s Group Workshop (Renato Rosaldo) from 3:30 to 5:30 (Session 5-0860)



Thursday November 17

“Understanding Narratives of Horror: Anthropological and Inter and Post-Disciplinary Perspectives (Nellie Hogikyan, Sima Aprahamian, Michiko Aramaki) from 10:15 to 12:00 (Session 3-0440)

Friday November 18

“Crafting Value/Valuing Craft” (Alicia A DeNicola, Clare M. Wilkinson-Weber, Frances E. Mascia-Lees) from 10:15 to 12:00 (Session 4-0450).



Wednesday November 16

“Writing Ethnography: Experimenting on Paper, Experimenting Online” (Sophia Balakian, Alma Gottlieb, and Kirin Narayan) from 12 to 1:45 (Session 2-0115)

Thursday November 17

“Long Term Fieldwork: A Celebration and a Critique” (Alan R. Sandstrom, James M. Taggart, Catharine L. Good, Pamela E. Sandstrom, Heidi Kelley, Kenneth A. Betsalel, Fran Markowitz, and David L. Robichaux) from 8 to 9:45 AM (Session 3-0130)

“Mutuality: Anthropology’s Changing Terms of Engagement” (Ann Fienup-Riordan and Roger Sanjek) from 8-11:45 AM (Session 3-0260)

“‘The Stubborn Particulars of Voice’: Papers in Honour of Julie Cruikshank” (Nancy Wachowich, Leslie A. Robertson, and Julie M. Cruikshank) from 1:45 to 5:30 (Session 3-0845)

Friday November 18

“Novel Approaches to Anthropology: Using 19th Century Literature as Our 21st Century Informants” (David S. Surrey, Ray McDermott, and Fadia Joseph) from 8-9:45 (Session 4-0135)

“Narratives of Migration, Refugees and Diaspora” (Dorothy Abram) from 10:15-12:00 (Session 4-0455)

“Literary Ethnography” (Renato I. Rosaldo, Melissa Cahnmann-Taylor, Kim I. Gutschow, Adrie Kusserow, Kirin Narayan, Dana Walrath, Ruth Behar and Naomi S. Stone) from 12:15-1:30 (Session 4-0630),

“Unsettling the Past: Historical Documents in Ethnographers’ Hands” (Alisse Waterston, Maria D. Vesperi, Sally Engle Merry and Lee D. Baker) from 4-5:45 PM (Session 4-0080)

Saturday November 19

“Narratives of Transformations: The Ethnography of Sex Beyond the Legacy of Foucault” (Billie Jean Isbell, Joseph R. Hawkins, Brenda Maiale, and Richard J. Martin, Jr.) from 8-9:45 AM (Session 5-0090)

“Ethnographies of Empathy” (Brian Palmer and Yana Stainova) from 1:45-3:30 (Session 5-0660)

Sunday November 20

“Traces of the Ethnographers in the Ethnography: Reflexivity, Connectivity and Relevance (Eve Danziger, Claire N. Snell-Rood, SherriLynn Colby-Bottel, Pauline Turner Strong, and Pensri Ho) from 12:15-2:00 (Session 6-0525).

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