Past Poetry Winners

Year Award Author Title
2019 1st Prize Casey Golomski Police / Matsapha, Swaziland, 28 July 2008; Phenomena / Matsapha, Swaziland, 19 August 2008; Personification / Ludwala, Swaziland, 23 December 2009
2018 1st Prize (tie) Darcy Alexandra “Extrajudicial Killing, San Salvador, 1991″; “Ruta de la Malintzin”; “Is it More Ordinary to Forget or to Remember?”
2018 1st Prize (tie) Iza Kavedžija “worlds apart, or two fieldsites” [by Iza Kavedžija and Harry Walker]; “(no longer mine) view of Utsubo park”
2018 2nd Prize William M. Cotter “56 Seconds”
2018 Honorable Mention Wesley Brunson “Cultivating Boredom”
2018 Honorable Mention Cassie Smith-Christmas “Virginia Place”
2017 1st Prize Jenanne Ferguson “Blessing for the Permafrost” and “City of Dust”
2017 2nd Prize (tie) Jeremy Jacob Peretz Calabash Microcosm
2017 2nd Prize (tie) M. J. Gette Birthday Party: San Jorge, Guatemala 8/12 and “Dos Cuentos: two stories told to us when we stopped in the aldeas during the trek through the altiplano of Guatemala, and then the highlands”
2017 3rd Prize Sarah Green “Walking Home from India”
2017 Honorable Mention Erin Jin Mei O’Malley “sister” and “I have nothing to hold anymore”
2017 Honorable Mention Uzma Falak “Point of Departure”
2017 Honorable Mention Derwin Sisnett “Adansonia Digitata”
2017 Honorable Mention Levi Romero “La Waitress”, and “he puts his hand to his chest”
2017 Honorable Mention Marcia Rego “Unadvisable”
2017 Honorable Mention LaShaune P. Johnson “Devil on my shoulder: An ode to Adriamycin”
2017 Honorable Mention Myntha Anthym “On the Ownership of Air”
2016 1st Prize Eleanor Stanford “Afterbirth”; “Dona França”; “Dona Bela, Midwife of Lençóis”
2016 2nd Prize Abigail Carl-Klassen “Mennonite border crossing”
2016 3rd Prize Francesca Mezzenzana “Sacha Muskuy” (Forest Dream)
2015 1st Prize Bonnie Auslander “Dwellings of the World” and “Origins of the Mediterranean”
2015 2nd Prize (tie) Joey Chin “Token Gap ; “The Heart Stops at the Door”; “Rhetoric”
2015 2nd Prize (tie) Paul Schissel “Petals in Gutters: Tai sowing needle’s hum”
2015 3rd Prize Jake Young “Commensality”
2015 Honorable Mention Leah Zani “The Fruit-eaters” and “The Blast Radius”
2015 Honorable Mention Devi K. Lockwood “Cabinet of Curiosities: River Bones”
2014 1st Prize Heather Altfeld “Apperson Ranch, 1908”
2014 2nd Prize Adrie Kusserow  “American Bardo”
2014 3rd Prize John S. O’Connor “Sun Poisoning”
2013 1st Prize Janis Rodgers “Malalel”
2013 2nd Prize Ather Zia “The Ex Fighter Returns”
2013 3rd Prize Terese V. Gagnon “Normaltown”
2013 Honorable Mention Steven Alvarez “2000/5th Sun/Our Present”
2013 Honorable Mention Heidi Kelley “The Anthropologist Returns”
2013 Honorable Mention Xueting Liu “Waiting for John Nash Outside a Beijing conference Room”
2012 1st Prize Irina Carlota Silber “Nanita”
2012 2nd Prize Kuo Zhang “One Child Policy”
2012 3rd Prize Jonathan Glasser “Enemy Territory”
2012 Honorable Mention Elena Harap “Sanctuary/Home”
2011 1st Prize Carolyn Moore “Translator’s Notes on the Island of Unst’s Norn Fragment, Forkortning Saga”
2011 2nd Prize Susan Settlemyre Williams “KV55: Its Voices”
2011 3rd Prize W.F. Lantry “Yungas Valley”
2011 Honorable Mention Worth Summers “Coyote, Clacier Point Winter”
2011 Honorable Mention Christine Eber “Do You Want Me To Cut More Vegetables, Boss?”
2009 1st Prize Christina Lovin “Myth Information”
2009 2nd Prize Brynn Champney “Infinite Genocide”
2009 3rd Prize Angela Just “Ardor”
2009 Honorable Mention Felice Wyndham “In the Chaco”
2009 Honorable Mention Ira Joe Fisher “Under the Roof Lines of Annville”
2008 1st Prize Marilyn Wilkey Merritt “Waiting for A Young Poet in Niamey” and “Dakar Rhythms of Ramadan”
2008 2nd Prize Peter Nelson “A Tuscan Necropolis”
2008 3rd Prize Marie Gervais “On this day nobody die”
2007 Winner Liz Beasley “Vestigial”
2007 2nd Prize Roberta Feins “The Great Market”
2007 3rd Prize Liza Bakewell “The Cacique”
2006 1st Prize Roy Jacobstein “HIV Needs Assessment”
2006 2nd Prize Alison Pelegrin “The Bois Sec Suite”
2006 3rd Prize Anoopa Sharma “Living Bangladesh”
2006 Honorable Mention Benjamin Vogt “How We Came to be Here”
2006 Honorable Mention Lucille Lang Day “I Always Knew It”
2006 Honorable Mention Karen Rodriguez “Yellow Underwear”
2005 1st Prize Kristina Lyons “Thanks to G. E. Patterson”
2005 2nd Prize Lorraine Healy “The General’s Hands”
2005 3rd Prize Renato Rosaldo “Among Tribesmen”
2003 co-Winner Melisa Cahnmann “American Defense”
2003 co-Winner Heidi Kelley “In the Waiting Room”; “Que Sinvergüenza”; “Green is the Color of Galician Death”
2002 1st Prize Tracy Lewis “Meditacin in and about Mbohapy e”; “Pax Nobiscum”; “Muse”; “Pride?”; “Ignoramus”
2002 2nd Prize Brian and Roberta Swann “Slugs”; “Soft Boiled Eggs”
2002 3rd Prize Debra Nystrom, Hushang Philsooph
2001 Winner Adrie Kusserow “Twenty-first Century Religiotropic”
2001 Honorable Mention Tope Omoniyi “Gbomo Gbomo”
2001 Honorable Mention Kent Maynard “Rain, Again”
1999 Winner Helen Frost “The Corner of Clay and Berry”
1998 Winner Adrie Kusserow “American Nomads”; “Hunting Down the Monk”; “Picking the Streets, Kathmandu”; “Bulimia Religiosa”; “Learning Gods: Buddha- Confession 31”; “No Gods Left”
1997 Winner Jim Funaro “The Dancing Stones of Callanish”
1996 co-Winner Tara Waters Lumpkin “The Mountaineer”
1996 co-Winner Keith Smith “Palm Sunday”; “Good Friday”
1995 co-Winner John McCall “Motopark Beggars”
1995 co-Winner Charles Underwood “Ethnography of the Unspoken”
1994 Winner Charles Underwood “Oral History”
1992 Winner Kate Altork ”Ocote”
1992 Honorable Mention Bill Holm “Vietnamese Cooking in Reykjavik”
1992 Honorable Mention Edith Laurencin  “and wah dey give we?”
1992 Honorable Mention Miles Richardson “Sequin to Guadalajara on Various Levels and in More Times Than I Can Count: The Continuation of Lives Already Dead”
1992 Honorable Mention Raman Srinivasan “Museum”
1991 1st Prize John F. Sherry, Jr. “Restoration Triptych”; “Too Far Afield”; “Local Custom [Field Journal/Amsterdam Station]”
1991 2nd Prize (tie) Martin F. Manalansan IV “New York City 1991: On the Margins of an Ethnography”; “(Dis)Other”
1991 2nd Prize (tie) Kent Maynard “Burying the Dead”; “Bamenda in Dry Season”; “Night Lights”
1991 Honorable Mention Caroline G. Banks “Lessons in Bipedalism”
1990 1st Prize Charles F. Underwood “Third World Night”; “Los Muertos”
1990 2nd Prize Jeanne Simonelli “Road Song I (Field Course 1989)”; “Road Songs II (Last Hike)”; “Guatemala 1990”
1990 Honorable Mention Catherine J. Allen “Old Griefs”; “Loss and the Academic Lizard”
1990 Honorable Mention Caroline G. Banks “Ode to Three Pillows”
1990 Honorable Mention Ward H. Goodenough “Morning star”
1990 Honorable Mention Clive Kileff “A White African Goes Home”
1990 Honorable Mention Vicki Levine “Duality”
1990 Honorable Mention Gabriel Seabrook “The Fount of Elysium”
1990 Honorable Mention John F. Sherry “Gaea Descending”
1990 Honorable Mention Dwayne C. Turner “La Chica (Little Girl)”
1989 1st Prize Stephanos Stephanides “Yet I Still Celebrate You Lotus of the Mud Flats”; “Sky of the Hearts (Chidambaram)”; “The Sacrifice as in a Vision”
1989 2nd Prize Michael V Angrosino “Miss Anna Walks”; “At the Hotel Royal”
1989 3rd Prize Mary Courtis “A Spiritual Kaleidoscope”; “Letting the Caged Bird Sing”
1989 Honorable Mention Clive Kileff “Paul, the blind driver”
1988 1st Prize Susan Landgraf “Kung Woman Lament”; “From an Interview with Winnie Mandela”; “To an Astronaut from an Ancient on the Use of Search Lights”
1988 2nd Prize Catherine Tihanyi “Once upon a time, on the sparkling shores of the Mediterranean”; “At Myth End”
1988 3rd Prize Patricia Marshal “Ode to the Water Spirit”; “This is the Year”
1988 Honorable Mention William Y. Adams “The Vision Quest”
1987 Winner Gordon Lester-Massman “Mistakes in Paradise”
1987 Runner-up Barbara J Michael “Desert Scrub”; “Where”
1986 Winner Anthony Leeds “We Shall Dry Our Eyes”
1986 1st Runner-up Dan Rose “We Discovered the Dancing Surfaces of Fire”
1986 1st Runner-up Ivan Brady “cannibal-ism”
1986 Honorable Mention Dennis Tedlock “Five Days from a Dream Almanac”

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