Announcements (new in 2020)

We are excited to be able to offer a new award, the Edie Turner First-Book Prize in Ethnographic Writing, which recognizes Edie Turner’s support and mentorship of junior scholars. There is no separate entry form for the Edie Turner Prize; all first-book publications submitted to the Victor Turner Prize in Ethnographic Writing will also be considered for the Edie Turner First-Book Prize in Ethnographic Writing. Additional information can be found on our Awards page.

The Society for Humanistic Anthropology is pleased to announce the selection of our new incoming editorial team for Anthropology and Humanism: Neni Pangouria and Katrina Daly Thompson will begin their editorship in October, 2020, taking over from our current team, David Syring and Jeffrey Ehrenreich. Julia Offen will continue as Ethnographic Fiction and Creative Nonfiction editor, and Leah Zani will continue as Poetry editor.