Society for Humanistic Anthropology – CFP for Minneapolis 2016

SHA welcomes a variety of individual paper and session proposals for consideration at this year’s Annual Meeting in Minneapolis, MN (November 16-20, 2016). The theme for the meeting is “Evidence, Accident, Discovery,” which provides a rich context for exploring the innovative and exciting work conducted under the broad rubric of humanistic anthropology.

For the 2016 Annual Meeting, the SHA programming committee consists of: Erik Aasland ( & Nicole Peterson ( 

Erik and Nicole will be more than happy to work with you on your paper, poster, or roundtable presentations and sessions. SHA encourages innovative formats, including poster sessions, extended readings, and fostering more dynamic discussion periods. For all submissions, participants must abide by the AAA rules regarding roles, registration, deadlines, and fees: No exceptions.

There a many different ways for members to participate in the AAA meetings through SHA. All submissions are due April 15, 2016 unless otherwise indicated. The online abstract submission system is now open for all proposal types. Here are the types of submissions possible:


Panels and Sessions

Executive Panels (were due 2/17)

Roundtables (Due 4/15)

Invited Sessions (Due 4/15)

Volunteered Sessions (Due 4/15)

Visit here for a description of each submission type:

Most popular SHA submissions categories:

 Individually Volunteered Paper/Poster Presentations – Due 4/15, 2016 online

This includes all individual paper/poster submissions. To submit a proposal, go to AAA website and follow the links to the call for papers. A presentation abstract of up to 250 words is required. Meeting registration forms and fees must be submitted for each participant. Submission deadline is 5:00 pm EST (10:00 pm GMT) April 15, 2015. Be sure to indicate if you wish SHA to review your submission.


SHA Invited/Sponsored Session Proposals – Due 4/15, 2016 online

This includes all paper/poster sessions and roundtable proposals. All Session Proposals (paper, poster, or roundtable sessions) must include a session abstract of up to 500 words and information for all participants (including individual abstracts for paper/poster sessions, and any technical needs for your session). Submission will be through the AAA website. We highly encourage anyone wanting consideration for invited session status to contact us ASAP, ideally by March 20, 2016.

Here is how the process for getting invited status works:
1. You submit your complete panel and ask for it to be reviewed by SHA;
2. You indicate that you want your panel to also be reviewed by a second and possibly a third section. You can also write them in advance.
3. The section’s program chairs review all of the abstracts submitted to their section. They then proceed to score and rank them.
4. Then the negotiations begin. Program reviewers from the various sections look for other sections open to co-invite panels. They do this because each section only has so many points to use to invite panels, but co-invited panels costs half as much.
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