2014 SHA Poetry Competition

JUDGES: Renato Rosaldo, Melisa Cahnmann-Taylor, and Nomi Stone

The Society for Humanistic Anthropology announces our annual poetry competition as a means to encourage scholars to use alternative literary genres to explore anthropological concerns. These concerns may be any of those associated with the fields of anthropology: archaeological, biological, linguistic, sociocultural, and applied.

The first-place winner will receive a certificate and award of $100, the second-place winner will receive $75, and the third-place winner will receive $50.00. All entries will be considered for publication in the journal.

Winning entries and honorable mentions will be recognized at the SHA Awards Ceremony at the annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association Dec. 3-7, 2014, and will be published in the Society’s journal, Anthropology and Humanism.
Email poems to shapoetrycompetition@gmail.com by August 1, 2014

All inquiries concerning any of the writing prizes should be addressed to Billie Jean Isbell, President of SHA, at bji1@cornell.edu

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