Past Winners

Year Award Author Title
2019 1st Prize Miriam Jerotich Kilimo  Rebirth 
2019 2nd Prize Sowparnika Balaswaminathan  The Outsiders 
2019 3rd Prize Laura S. Grillo  The Boiling Cauldron 
2019 Honorable Mention Gemma Louise Williams We’re All Strangers Here
2019 Honorable Mention Steven Gonzalez  Silicon Fox
2019 Honorable Mention Taylor Hazan Ethnography of a Stone 
2018 1st Prize Annalisa Bolin A Ghost Map of Kigali
2018 2nd Prize  Helle Bundgaard  Much Ado about a Ladies Bicycle
2018 Honorable Mention Jesse Cheng Why This Killer Should Live
2018 Honorable Mention Xenia Cherkaev St. Xenia and the Gleaners of Leningrad
2018 Honorable Mention Rima Praspaliauskiene Lenin
2017 1st Prize Elisabeth Yarbakhsh Call
2017 2nd Prize Caitrin Lynch A Portrait of Judy Garrity 
2017 3rd Prize Brynn Champney On a Hill With No Name
2017 Honorable Mention Kristen Ghodsee Market Economics
2016 1st Prize Katrina Daly Thompson Secrets of a Swahili Marriage
2016 2nd Prize Alexandra Vieux Frankel Waiting for Firat
2016 3rd Prize Xenia A. Cherkaev How grades had been gotten for Penguins and Money
2015 Winner Hunter Liguore  Court of Last Resort 
2015 Honorable Mention Dannah Dennis  Fifty-Three Kilos 
2014 Winner Caitlin Baird Rain
2014 Honorable Mention Kesia Alexandra The Street Will Never Love You Like I Do
2013 Winner Kim Huynh The Professional
2013 Honorable Mention Glenn Harvey Shepard The Eye of the Needle
2012 Winner Thararat Chareonsonthichai The Fragrance of the Classical Past
2012 Honorable Mention Cynthia Keppley Mahmood How Jesse Became a Revolutionary
2011 Winner Kristen Ghodsee Tito Trivia
2010 Winner John Colman Wood Life Damages You
2009 co-Winner John Colman Wood Cold Patience
2009 co-Winner Laura  Biagi The Cure
2008 Winner (missing record)  
2008 Honorable Mention Jessica Falcone Choli Ke Peeche
2007 Winner Roxanne Varzi Mashti
2006 Co-Winner Michelle Bellino All the Nice Restaurants
2006 Co-Winner Sally Bellerose Frenchie’s Girls
2005 Winner Marisabel Almer Han Transcurrido Los Años…
2005 Honorable Mention Tamar Diana Wilson La Presidente
2000 Winner Ayala Emmett Going to America Under the Jacaranda Tree
2000 Honorable Mention Maura Hanrahan Caboto 500
1998 Winner Don Mitchell John Brown’s Body
1998 Honorable Mention Eugene Mendonsa Blood on the Tractor
1997 Winner Nancy Lindisfarne The Tortoise
1997 Honorable Mention Paul Johnson The Knife
1996 Winner Simone Isadora Flynn A Feast of Mangoes
1996 Honorable Mention Bruce T. Grindal Is There a Light in My Eyes?
1995 Winner Paul Heinrich The Informant
1995 Honorable Mention C. Springwater The Stories of Red Clay: Man of the Mesa
1995 Honorable Mention Linda Williamson Circle of White
1994 Winner Loretta Orion The Siberian Shaman’s Dress
1994 Honorable Mention Kirin Narayan Come Out And Serve
1993 Co-Winner Kate Altork Working Norman’s Birthday
1993 Co-Winner Maria Nieves Zedeno Saint versus the Hummingbird
1990 Winner Susan Scott-Stevens The Djinn Tree
1990 Honorable Mention Grant A. Olson The Switchmaster
1989 Winner Michael Hittman A Pair of Aces and One Deuce
1989 Honorable Mention Martha B. Kendall The Nature of the Evidence
1988 1st Prize Ernest Schusky Korean Exodus
1988 2nd Prize Yesim Ternar Christians on the Beach
1988 Honorable Mention Catherine Callaghan Ecket
1986 Winner Barbara Tedlock Keeping the Breath Nearby
1986 Honorable Mention Sarah Waldorf The Pig Men

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