A Note from the Editor

The Anthropology and Humanism Journal continues to seek submissions from all its traditional sources and still hungers for what Edie Turner once referred to as “delightful, outrageous, and evocative writing.”  It has, in the past few years, found it expedient to take full advantage of submissions referred to as “Specials.”  These usually arrive as a collection of well thought out and coherent articles, which provide each issue of the journal with a distinct life of its own.  With mandated page limitations and only two issues per year, Anthropology and Humanism particularly welcomes shorter rather than longer articles.  Succinctness as well as beauty of prose has, indeed, attracted the attention of our reviewers.  Humor, too, is in demand.

The difficult art of the comedic wondrously shields us from barbed anti-humanism attacks.  More so than with the overly serious tones of other styles, humor tends to protect the sharp edge of its deeply critical statements and often makes extremely complex arguments crystal clear.  This side of our humanistic entourage appears woefully underrepresented: yet it may be found in the craft of playwrights, the sensibility of photo-essayists, or the artistry of cartoonists and line-drawers.

The creative possibilities of these and other skills for ethnographic descriptions remain not only to be experimented with, but also to be shared through publication.  As with the deliberations which take place among our poetry and fiction editors, the judgments of our prose editors frequently remain subject to the creative effects so evident in the academic presentation of the human experience.  These evidently rely just as much upon the pleasure of the senses as they do upon the logic of the mind.  The “antro-poeta” project, as Renato Rosaldo once stated, vigorously persists as part of the review process for the journal.  The health of the journal furiously depends upon the care taken to satisfy the full yearnings of the human in anthropology.

As printed in Anthropology News (http://www.anthropology-news.org/index.php/2013/09/09/the-anthropology-and-humanism-journal/)